Sears Credit Card Bonus System

sears bonus system

Being the easiest credit card to use, the Sears Credit Card is one of the leading credit cards in all of United States and Canada. Not only do they offer easier shopping in Sears, Kmart stores for clothing, tools, and appliances but they also provide more convenient ways of online shopping and monthly payments, rewards and bonuses for the cardholders. After applying for a Gold Mastercard in Sears, the customer can then enroll for a Sears Credit Card Bonus System in the Shop Your Way Rewards programs for more shopping rewards!

Sears Bonus System

The customer can choose the Sears Choice Rewards program, which is totally free. This is where the customer can gain a point for every dollar that he spends. Want to get more points? To maximize the Sears Credit Card Bonus System, the customer may opt to sign up in the Rewards Program with Select Membership, which only costs $25 annually. In Select Membership, every dollar spent on Sears stores, Sears online, and Kmart stores will have an equivalent of two points and an awesome ten points for qualifying purchases. Purchases in grocery stores, drug stores and oil refilling stations will also be credited two points for every $1. All the points earned by the customer on both programs can be redeemed in restaurants, merchandise, gift certificates from participating stores and can even be used on vacations! The Select Membership cardholder will have additional exclusive bonus points in their pockets. This is a more convenient way of having the things a shopper wants by just buying the things he needs!

How You Earn Bonus Points?

Not only will the shopper have a blast spending points in shopping, but he will also be entitled to Bonus Offers to members for even more points! For example if a qualifying item has a 3X Bonus Offer, then the ten points will triple and become 30 points for every dollar! What a great way to save on shopping! Keep in mind that to redeem points, a prior application to the chosen rewards program is needed after getting the Sears Mastercard. The points accumulated are only valid within three years of the member’s enrolment. If the management decides to end the program, customers will have ninety days to redeem all the points earned. But if the customer decides to terminate his membership from the program, accumulated points will be forfeited. Take pleasure in your shopping experience through the Sears Card Bonus System!

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Clara Raney February 1, 2012 at 7:13 pm

I am trying to redeem rewards points….I have available 39,784 points…..recording asks for number of cards I want but does not give me the number of gift cards are availab le to me for this number of points……help……no information given as to conversion of points to dollars……thank you…Clara Raney


Administration May 31, 2012 at 9:44 am

Hi Clara the search choice rewards points is non-convertible to cash but what you can redeem are gift cards, appliances, gadgets, etc.


Administration June 11, 2012 at 6:00 pm

Hi Clara can you double check this by calling the toll free number again? because last time I check, the recording should give you the number of rewards points that you do have when you enter you account number through the recording. If in case that it still won’t give you that option, please ask the customer service representative to connect you over to the department that handles Sears choice rewards. Believe me, there is a department that handles the program.


John F. Andermann April 23, 2012 at 7:09 pm

I need some help to get a lower interest rate on my Sears Master Card. Can someone help me out? My account number is 5121 0718 7830 8125. I am presently paying 23.24% interest. Please help. Thank you.

John F. Andermann


Administration May 14, 2012 at 7:44 pm

Hi John, interest rate really varies and it depends on a lot of different factors like credit standing, payment history, etc.


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