What FICO Score Is Needed for Sears Credit Card?

FICO Score For Sears Card

Credit Castaway: What FICO Score Is Needed for Sears Credit Card?

Before getting to the question, you should know how much in demand and useful credit cards are today. They are fast and convenient means to make transactions, purchases, and pay bills and fees. People who use credit cards have been able to make acquisitions, purchases online, and offline. Due to the increasing popularity of using credit, financial services corporations turn to Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) to devise standards needed for consumers to acquire credit cards.  Since the United States has been recovering from the credit crunch from 2007 to 2010, it’s important for credit users and applicants to know or review the requirements of credit card applications, which vary on specific company like Citigroup, which provides credit card services not only to Citibank but also to Sears credit cards. So then the question is, What FICO Score Is Needed for Sears Credit Card?

Sears Does not Reveal an Official Minimum FICO Score

Unlike most credit cards, Sears does not reveal an official minimum credit or FICO score required to an applicant to acquire the credit card. Credit applications in the U.S. are being evaluated based on the standards of the applicant including credit history and income. Despite that having at least a credit score of 680 is necessary for most credit cards, there are no proofs on the ruling that can be applied to Sears credit cards. However, because the 680 and above credit score has been used in most credit card services all over the U.S. and most countries for years, you shall just follow the FICO standard to avoid any confusion to know What FICO Score Is Needed for Sears Credit Card. The reason is that people with credit scores of 680 and above have higher chances of availing credit services while those who are below 600 will have little chances to or be deprived of any credit card services at high interest rates. In case you still don’t pass the credit application for the Sears credit card, you can wait at a minimum of 6 months and verify that your credit score and report suit the credit card standards prior to reapplying.

What to Do When You Get Your Card

Once you finally get your Sears credit account, it’s vital that you educate yourself about the credit services of the card you applied on. Sears credit cards vary in four types, wherein Sears Card and Sears MasterCard are meant for consumer function, Sears Commercial One for commercial and business use, and Sears Home Improvement for compensating on primary residential improvement or repair projects. Sears Card can be used for consumer and store services including Sears Hardware, Sears Essentials, Sears, Auto Centers, and Sears Grand. Sears MasterCard is an expanded and international version of the Sears Card, wherein you can use the card in millions of Citibank branches worldwide for cash advances if you have a cash advance feature in your account. Sears Commercial One is specifically made for entrepreneurs and business owners, wherein you can simplify your transactions and bookkeeping, and devise acquisitions through phone, fax, and in a Citibank branch by using one account. Sears Home Improvement is meant for various home enhancement services like entry doors, replacement windows, and kitchen renovation, wherein you can utilize the service everyday and pay your fees on a monthly basis.

By knowing the standards and services of Sears credit cards, you can be ensured that your life and future will be covered conveniently with credibility. So make sure that you have What FICO Score Is Needed for Sears Credit Card to ensure that you get your card soon.

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Edna Poole May 21, 2011 at 2:56 pm

There has been much confusion with my Sears Account. My name was incorrectly put on an account created in Crystal River, Florida. On it, my name was shown as Edna Jones. It is Edna G. Poole. I think I have changed that. However, I do not remember receiving a credit card from Sears, and I owe $123.44. I would like to pay this amount without travelling 25 miles to get to Sears. How can I pay this amount? I would like to open an account on line.


Administration May 11, 2012 at 8:24 pm

Hello Edna, you can pay by phone by calling 1-800-917-7700. You can apply online for a Sears card at http://www.citibank.com/us/cards/srs/credit_options.jsp


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